S1E9: All Good Things…

In the last episode for this season, we bring things to an end in games by using experience, exploration and player progression. Bonus foley comes from Lucifer, the parsley munching rabbit who was so hungry during the recording that he spent the first part in the spotlight. This is some deep ASMR yo’.

Thanks as always to everyone who has tweeted, emailed and LISTENED! It means so much to me and I hope you’re up for another season? Let me know!

Wurdz by me. Music by Monplaisir.

S1E5 For Unlawful Carnal User Experience Knowledge

The FTUE – what is it? Why is it so important? When you start designing you realise how important it is to know the difference between success and failure and your first 60 seconds of gameplay will impact massively on this outcome. Let’s get right under the skin of the User Experience and understand the player and the game.

Image by Etsy (Yes it’s a Van Halen cross-stitch)
Some wurdz by Wiki but mostly by me.
Music by Monplaisir
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