Designer of the Week #7

Do you love a bit of blood and gore with your JRPG? No, no, NOT Hideo Kojima. It’s someone way better. Someone who works constantly in one of the world’s greatest dev teams. I speak of Kazuhiro Hamatani: the hero of the action adventure.

Some words by Wiki or IMDB, most words by me.
Music by TRG Banks

Designer of the Week #3

This week’s designer of the week is two for the price of one. Give it a listen and learn about how the UK turned Japanese thanks to these dudes. I cut my teeth designing games because of these guys, so they’re kind of special to me.
I mentioned Stuart Hunt as a quote within a book, it’s not! It’s a magazine, which you can read here – Hunt, Stuart (February 2010). “The Ultimate Hero: A Complete History of Sabreman”. Retro Gamer (73): 24–31. ISSN 1742-3155
Kent, Steve L. (2001). “The Beginning of Rare”. The Ultimate History of Video Games: From Pong to Pokémon and Beyond. New York: Three Rivers Press. pp. 289–292. ISBN 0-7615-3643-4.
Music is by TRG Banks and called Night Train. Words are by me.
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