S1E2 Don’t Hate the Playa, Hate the Game!

This week’s longcast is all about Ludology! What it is, how we use it in games and with a couple of examples thrown in to help you knit your ideas together as a game. Why is it important? Well, because to be a solid designer in our industry, it’s really good to know your onions.
Selected educational highlights from “Introduction to the Theory of Game Elements by Aki J√§rvinen”
Music is by Monplasir
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Designer of the Week #2

This week we’re going back in time to the days of old, where Knights or Kings were bold. Enjoy learning about a groundbreaking game designer, the likes you’ve never heard of!
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Music is by TRG Banks and is called Night Train. Words are by me.
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S1E1 Ideas, Ideas, Ideas

Some are good, some are terrible, but how do we know which is which? In this first episode of the #urdiw podcast, I’m exploring ideas: when to keep them and when to throw them away! From great games to complete wastes of development time and money, no stone is left unturned in helping you to find that flash of inspiration in your #gamedev journey.

Music is by Monplasir
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