S1E6 Zen and the Art of Core Design Mechanics

Phew! What a podcast! This week you’ll not only learn about Core Mechanics for game design but you’ll take part in an activity to build your own. Experience your own golden path and have a bash at prototyping. Games means fun, so let’s start having some!

Wurdz by me. Sensible musings by A Studio Lite.
Music by Monplaisir
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S1E3 Shall We Play A Game?

Getting started with game design couldn’t be easier. Do you know your conditions from your outcomes? Your Thermonuclear Warfare from your Tic Tac Toe? Well, me, and a couple of icons in the world of design are here to help. Let’s layout the fundamentals of game design and get started on our epic journey!
Don Norman courtesy of NN Inc
Tim Brown, CEO of IDEO courtesy of Vox
Wargames (1983)

Music by Monplaisir