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But what is it?
Simply, it’s a shared virtual experience, it’s quickly bleeding into a variety of new and existing technologies from Digital Twins to Internet of Things. It’s much more than Second Life, but it needs a lot of building and defining. Go over to the section on papers for more information. I’m super experienced and a regular speaker in this field Want to book me for you next event? Find out more here.

Gamification made simple.

I’m confident in my field of expertise. I’ve over 25 years of professional AAA experience in the games industry in a variety of areas from concept to market. I’ve worked on some of the world’s most loved and downloaded titles and I’m here to help you realise yours. Whether you’re embarking on R&D or a direct to market experience, I’d like to understand and help you on your journey. Please contact me below 👇 and I’ll get right back to you.

Design. Development. production.

Yeah, it’s AR lipstick (but the hair is 100% blue this month*)

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